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Sunshine Summit Lodge - Narconon Fresh Start

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Sunshine Summit Lodge is a former executive retreat located near Warner Hot Springs in the beautiful hills of Northern San Diego County, which offers a very accommodating yet therapeutic environment for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This rural campus-like facility, spread out over 40 acres and located 35 miles away from the city of Temecula, provides a safe sanctuary from the temptations and over-stimulating environments that have previously influenced our clients' addictive behaviors.

Our long term treatment program, as further described in this guide, provides complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from substance abuse. True rehabilitation takes courage and persistence, but it is ultimately the most rewarding endeavor that our clients will accomplish in their lives. Therefore, we understand that it is very important to have a facility that provides everything necessary to support the recovery process, while also ensuring our clients are safe, comfortable and provided with enjoyable recreational and fitness opportunities.

Sunshine Summit Lodge Interior, Landscape, and Pool

The open spaces, scenery and fresh air of our campus provide a healthy change of environment for our clients. It includes the necessary spaces and amenities needed to deliver the program, while also providing an inviting home style feel. The namesake of our campus is our large cozy main lodge, which is where our clients gather after program hours to dine, relax in the lounge, play cards or watch movies. Also, directly outside of the main lodge is access to the recreational areas, such as the pool deck, jacuzzi, fitness center and jogging path.

True Rehabilitation


Helping individuals recover from a life of alcohol, drugs and chaos to a life of direction, purpose and integrity is not easy. Fortunately, our unique cognitive behavioral modification program accomplishes this with one of the highest success rates in the world. Since the program model we use was first established in 1966, it has one of the longest proven track records in our industry.

Our rehabilitation philosophy is not based on the disease model theory which dictates that an addict will always be an addict with an incurable disease that they can never really overcome. The educational rehabilitation philosophy we use is based on locating, confronting and resolving the many causes of addiction and the many behaviors associated with it. Our clients may enter our program as addicts or alcoholics, but they transform throughout the program, and after they graduate, they no longer need to identify themselves as "addicts" or "alcoholics".

We accomplish true rehabilitation through the use of our New Life Detoxification Program, which removes the physical cravings and compulsions that are caused by drug residual build up within the body, and from the application of our Life Skills Courses, which help achieve the mental and behavioral changes that are needed to restore our clients back into happy, drug free, productive members of society.

Our proven rehabilitation program has many components, and it is laid out in step by step training manuals, designed in a specific sequence, to obtain the best results. This road to true recovery is intense, but with our staff's guidance and with our innovative rehabilitation technology it can be accomplished.

Please see the rest of this guide for more detailed information on our program.

Program Overview


Location - Sunshine Summit Lodge is located in the rugged hills of Warner Springs in beautiful Northern San Diego County, California. It offers a perfect, rural, distraction free environment for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Individualized Program Length - The program is residential inpatient treatment. While the program duration is variable according to individual needs, it generally takes 3 to 4 months to complete. The length of stay is dependent upon the participant's successful completion of all of the program steps, rather than a set time period. Before each participant is qualified to graduate, their case file is reviewed by their case supervisor to ensure that the program benefits have been obtained.

Success Rate and Guarantee - The program has one of the highest success rates in the drug rehabilitation field and our positive results are backed by a 6 month review program guarantee, which states that a graduate having difficulties with sobriety may be eligible to return for a free review program within 6 months of their graduation.

Secular Program (non-religious) - Although the program is secular (non-religious), program participants' religious beliefs are respected and transportation is provided to their respective churches in the local area near the center on days of worship, when possible.

Holistic Approach - The program is completely drug-free and provides a holistic approach to recovery. Vitamin supplements are available daily and nutritious, satisfying meals are provided three times a day.

Relief from Drug and Alcohol Cravings - Drug residuals (metabolites) can remain in the fatty tissue of the body for years after the drugs have been taken and it is important that they are removed. These metabolites can cause drug cravings and other physical and emotional effects when later released into the blood stream. Our New Life Detoxification Program (Sauna Detox Therapy) accelerates the body's natural elimination process removing these metabolites. Once free from the physical compulsions and cravings, participants are now prepared to address the mental aspects and life repair portions of the program.

Unique Cognitive Behavior Modification - Through a specific sequence of educational Life Skills Courses, case supervising direction and professional guidance, program participants have their own realizations which initiate changes in their behavior. These methods are designed to encourage self-determined participation in the program, enhancing one's role in their own recovery process. The program focuses on honesty, and accountability for one's actions, which creates productive, responsible individuals who can make much better decisions in life.

Social Interaction - Although program participants go through a lot of individual hard work on their way to recovery, they also learn to interact socially with their peers in the program by helping each other through various courses of the program. This allows them to learn how to become good productive team members and how to build constructive relationships.

Social Interaction

Activities - Participants are encouraged to participate in healthy activities and we provide the following at our facility: a weight & exercise area, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, basketball, volleyball, tennis, walking/jogging path, ping-pong, and occasional trips to town. Softball league participation may be offered seasonally, so please check for availability.

Legal Liaison Services - Any information on current or pending legal matters should be relayed to our Legal Liaison Officer (LLO), who will assist in their handling during the program. The center has specific staff with many years of experience in dealing with probation requirements and other court related issues. Court costs, legal representation, fees and travel expenses are the responsibility of each program participant and are not covered by the cost of the program.

Medical Liaison Services - Any information on current or pending legal matters should be relayed to our Legal Liaison Officer (LLO), who will assist in their handling during the program. The center has specific staff with many years of experience in dealing with probation requirements and other court related issues. Court costs, legal representation, fees and travel expenses are the responsibility of each program participant and are not covered by the cost of the program.


We do not refer to our program participants as addicts, but rather as students because they are about to learn how to handle life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Withdrawal - Nerve Assist MassageWithdrawal - Trained specialists supervise newly arriving program participants 24 hours per day and assist them with the physical symptoms of withdrawal. A calm, therapeutic environment with special withdrawal therapies, nutritious meals, vitamin supplementation and plenty of rest, assist in achieving a successful drug free withdrawal.

Life Skills Courses - Through a series of educational training manuals, students have realizations that enable them to modify their behavior. Each student becomes aware of the sources of their problems and they learn how to formulate solutions so that they are no longer being adversely affected. Each student's progress is constantly monitored by their course supervisors and their case supervisor to ensure that their individual program needs are met.

Communications Course - Training routines (TRs) are communication drills that are used to increase the student's ability to comfortably confront themselves and others with good communication. These skills are needed for the student to address the issues that he has been avoiding through drug and/or alcohol use and which he will now be handling in the program.

New Life Detoxification ProgramNew Life Detoxification Program - Removes the drug residuals from the cells of the body, thereby eliminating the urge for drugs on a physical level. This process takes several weeks and it will help eliminate the drug or alcohol cravings, so the student can focus on finding and confronting the source of his problems during the remainder of the program.

Learning Improvement Course - Many participants entering the program have never really learned how to study correctly and have just "gotten by" by memorizing and regurgitating information. This course teaches the student to recognize and overcome universal barriers to study, allowing the student to fully understand and practically apply subjects they are learning. This course is useful both during and after the program.

Communication & Perception Course - Part A of this course is a higher gradient series of communication training routines (TRs). Part B is a series of objective exercises or drills that rehabilitate a person's awareness and ability to control themselves, others and the things in their environment, while also bringing their attention back from the past and into present time so they can move forward.

Ups and Downs in Life CourseUps and Downs in Life Course - Describes in-depth traits of social and antisocial personalities, so that the student can differentiate between people who are either constructive or destructive to their survival. Through this course, they learn that it is vital to recognize and handle the antisocial people and situations in their life in order to stop roller-coastering and to continue to survive well.

Personal Values and Integrity Course - Enables the student to take responsibility for the destructive acts they have committed in the past with a procedure that also unburdens them from the blame, guilt and regret associated with those past acts. Through this course, they regain their personal ethics, morals and integrity, which makes it much easier for the student to feel good about themselves without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Changing Conditions in Life CourseChanging Conditions in Life Course - Educates the student on the various states of existence or conditions in life. It shows the student how to raise their condition, through the application of formulas for each condition they find themselves in and includes the steps needed to repair relationships which have been damaged by their addiction. These formulas can be followed after the program to help one regain their status at work, at home, with friends and with society at large.

Way to Happiness Course - This course contains 21 precepts of a common sense moral code that, when followed, will put one on the road to happiness, such as precept 19, The Golden Rule, which states "Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you".

Sunshine Summit Lodge Students

Battle Plan - This is a step by step plan that the students write up, which allows them to apply the data that they have learned on the program to give them the maximum potential for success after completing the program. The plan is reviewed by both the course supervisor and the case supervisor to ensure that the correct course of action is applied.

Aftercare Options - There are several different aftercare options offered to graduates, such as living in a sober living home, volunteering, or entering our internship program, which is the most popular and most successful. Please check with your intake counselor for more details.

Internship Program - Graduates can enroll in the aftercare program internship, in which they pay a fee to stay for 3 months, receive room & board and train as an intern in rehabilitation services. The internship can reestablish a good work ethic, lead to a successful career in rehabilitation services or prepare them for a successful career back at home.


Family Contacts and VisitsThis program overview contains guidelines and suggestions, based on the successful actions of the past. We suggest that our clients' families apply these simple guidelines at their discretion and call us with any concerns or questions they may have at (760) 782-0471.

The staff at our centers are trained to detect drug "restimulation" and they know what to do to get students settled down and "destimulated" so they can continue working through the program successfully. Therefore, our center's staff should be consulted regularly during the program.

During the withdrawal portion of the program, we do not allow our clients to make or receive phone calls because they are adjusting to the program and they may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, we ask that our clients' family members or friends speak with our Director of Consultation or Family Consultant for progress reports. Withdrawal usually lasts anywhere from 2 to 10 days. Once out of withdrawal, our clients are allowed to make and receive phone calls. We suggest that communication to them is kept upbeat and supportive.

Family members may notice an improvement in their loved one's attitude within a short time of starting the program and may want to visit them. It is strongly suggested that our clients do not receive visitors until the New Life Detoxification sauna program is complete, usually 4-6 weeks after arriving into the program. We recommend that our clients do not leave the program for visits either. It is best to allow them to complete the entire program without interruption, so they can be prepared for any situations that they may encounter, when finally returning home.


Obstacles To OvercomeTo reach the objectives of the various parts of the program and obtain true sobriety, participants must address their underlying problems, which their addiction has helped them avoid. This can be difficult to face at times and the participant may need family support to help them get through it. Therefore, it is important that the family members of the participant work with their center's Director of Consultation to find out what their loved one is going through during the program. This allows the family member to get professional advice on the situations that are being addressed, learn what to expect during each step of the program and find out how to handle their loved one's concerns, so they can help them successfully progress through their program.


Withdrawal: At this time, addiction is still in full effect and it is still controlling the addict, therefore the addict may not totally agree with treatment and may find any number of apparent excuses to leave. These excuses cannot be given credence and the addict in withdrawal should be encouraged to work things out and continue with their program.

The Communication Course: At the beginning, participants do not see the point in the communication training routines (TRs), as the training drills take practice before any results are achieved. An understanding of the usefulness of TRs is only gained through drilling them repetitively, which is when one acquires the ability to confront and control other people and oneself.

New Life Detoxification Program (Sauna Detox Therapy): During this process, drug residuals are being flushed out of the body and the student can become affected by this. This can cause severe mood swings. As their sauna program progresses, they will start to feel markedly better and improvements will be very noticeable in skin tone, sleep pattern and overall wellbeing.

Communication and Perception Course: These exercises can seem monotonous because they take many hours to run before the student realizes the end results. The drills are very challenging, but the abilities that are gained after completion last a lifetime.

The Ups and Downs of Life Course: Overcoming antisocial people and situations can be difficult, but recognizing and handling them can safeguard one from their negative influences.


Positive ResultsHundreds of students graduate our program every year, becoming productive members of society. Our program graduates are empowered with the knowledge that they have gained in the program. They have learned much more than only how to abstain from drugs and alcohol; they have acquired the ability to communicate, to be comfortable with themselves, to control themselves, to be honest, to be responsible for their actions, to choose the right friends and to confront and overcome problems. They are not only rehabilitated from substance abuse, they are now equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in the many other aspects of life.

To hear firsthand about our graduates and their family member's experience with the our program please feel free to contact any of the persons listed on our Family Reference List.


35025 Highway 79
Warner Springs, CA 92086

PHONE: 760-782-0471
TOLL FREE: 800-871-4350
FAX: 760-782-0695


Our Family Reference List gives you the opportunity to hear from others who have sent their loved one to the Narconon Fresh Start program and share with you their honest opinion about their experience first hand.

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