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Sunshine Summit Lodge - Narconon Fresh Start

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Located near the renowned Warner Hot Springs, Sunshine Summit Lodge is nestled in the majestic hills of Northern San Diego County. As a former executive retreat, Sunshine Summit Lodge provides a welcoming therapeutic environment and is the perfect location for conquering drug and alcohol addiction through rehabilitation. Due to the somewhat remote and rural setting, our clients can focus on their recovery while leaving the restimulating and tempting outside world behind that had been influencing their addictive behavior.

Complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is what our long term treatment program accomplishes. Many who have overcome their addictions find that recovery is one of the most difficult, yet personally rewarding, accomplishments in their lives. For this reason we understand it is vital that our treatment program encompass everything necessary to complete our client's recovery process. This is accomplished by providing a safe and relaxed atmosphere with healthy fitness and recreational activities.

Sunshine Summit Lodge Interior, Landscape, and Pool

Our clients find that the rural setting with its wide open spaces, panoramic views and fresh air are a welcome change from their daily life. Sunshine Summit Lodge offers all this while maintaining an inviting feeling throughout the campus. The heart of our expansive campus is the warm yet spacious Main Lodge. This is where our clients come together to dine, unwind in the lounge, watch a movie or play cards. Located just outside the Main Lodge are the many recreational areas Sunshine Summit Lodge offers: the pool and pool deck, Jacuzzi, fitness center and jogging path.

True Rehabilitation


Complete recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is not easy. Recovery entails making changes to give your life meaning, purpose and direction. Our long term drug rehab program is based on the cognitive behavioral modification technique for drug rehabilitation. We are proud to share with you that for over 45 years our program has been successful at helping addicts achieve lasting sobriety. Our 76% success rate in achieving genuine alcohol and drug rehabilitation speaks volumes on how our graduates go on to live sober healthy lives once they complete our program.

The program we offer is different than others. This is because our rehab philosophy is not centered on the disease model of drug rehabilitation. Other programs which use the disease treatment model have the person in treatment believing that their addiction is an incurable disease which they will never break free from but can only hope to manage throughout their life. This is a far cry from the positive view of addiction recovery we adhere too. Our educational philosophy on addiction recovery is focused on helping the recovering person locate and confront the numerous causes of their addiction. While in our program the recovering person will address the many behavioral issues associated with their addiction and work towards resolving them. When an addict or alcoholic enters our drug rehab they become students who through the study of our Life Skills program complete treatment truly rehabilitated. Their complete recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction means that they no longer have to wear the tile of "alcoholic" or "drug addict."

Physical drug and alcohol rehabilitation is accomplished through participation in our New Life Detoxification program. This unique program removes the person's physical cravings and impulses created by the drug residuals left in the user's body even when they have stopped using. Our New Life Detoxification program coupled with the cognitive behavioral modification Life Skills courses that the recovering person receives while in our rehab is why our program is so successful. This is why our graduates can say they have made a complete recovery from their addictions and now lead sober and fully enriched lives as members of society.

We utilize an established addiction recovery program that has numerous parts, is extremely organized and is set up in a specific set of phases in order to achieve the best results. Lasting addiction recovery is a long road often with many obstacles to overcome. But, when the right rehabilitation method is matched with the willing addict who is looking to end their addiction, recovery can be achieved.

Program Overview


Location - Sunshine Summit Lodge is nestled in the picturesque hills of the Warner Springs community located in California's Northern San Diego County. This rural location is an ideal environment for those looking for a relaxing, calm setting to focus on their drug and alcohol recovery. Clients are supervised twenty four hours a day to make sure their needs are met.

Program Length - The length of our program is different for each client but typically takes three to four months to complete. This is because the program is not set to follow a specific time table that each client must fit into. Instead, their graduation from the program is based on their successful completion of all the program's steps. The recovering person is asked to demonstrate their new life skills while their case supervisor reviews each step of their program as they complete them.

Success Rate and Guarantee - Our program has a success rate of 76%. Our exceptional level of positive drug and alcohol addiction recovery results are supported by our 6 month guarantee. This guarantee states that a graduate who has difficulties with drugs or alcohol once they complete the program can return for free within 6 months of their graduation.

Secular Program (non-religious) - Our Program is a non-religious drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. We respect our client's religious beliefs and provide transportation to local churches and places of worship when possible.

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach - A completely drug-free holistic approach to addiction recovery is the foundation of our program. We utilize vitamin supplements to enhance our client's health as well as serve delicious and nutritious meals three times a day.

Ending Drug and Alcohol Cravings - When a person stops abusing drugs and alcohol, residuals or metabolites remain the user's body. They are stored in the fat cells of their tissues and organs. When the recovering person becomes stressed these drug metabolites are released from their cells into their blood stream. When this happens it causes the person to have withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, depression, and drug and alcohol cravings. Our program addresses this issue with its New Life Detoxification sauna program. The sauna program works by accelerating the body's natural elimination process and expedites the removal of drug and alcohol metabolites. When these drug and alcohol metabolites are removed from the user's system cravings diminish if not disappear completely and their physical compulsion to use drugs or alcohol is reduced. At this point clients are ready to work on a deeper level of their recovery, addressing their personal life issues and striving to repair them.

Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy - Our program uses specific educational Life Skills courses, counseling techniques and case supervision to enable its program participants to have their own cognitions (realizations) regarding their actions. Clients are trained to be self-determined in changing their actions. This helps them improve their survival and achieve lasting sobriety. Graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start program embody honesty and personal responsibility for their actions. They become productive members of their community and have a remarkable amount of personal integrity behind the decisions they make once they have completed the program.

Social Interaction - An important part of the program is students learning to build constructive relationships. Even though clients spend a great deal of time working on their personal issues they also learn to cooperate with others by helping their peers through different parts of their programs. Helping others with their programs benefits our clients by teaching them to become productive team members.

Social Interaction

Activities - Healthy activities are a part of our client's recovery process. Our program participants are provided with access to the following amenities and activities at the Sunshine Summit Lodge location: exercise and weight area, Jacuzzi, pool, sauna, tennis, basketball, volleyball, walking/jogging path, ping-pong and occasional trips into town. We also offer seasonal flag football and softball league participation. For further information and availability please check with your intake counselor.

Legal Liaison Services - Those who have any current or pending legal issues are encouraged to speak with our Legal Liaison Officer (LLO). They will work with you on handling your issues during the course of your program. All of our program locations are staffed with a Legal Liaison Officer who has numerous years of experience handling problems such as probation requirements and court related concerns. Please note that court costs, legal representation, fees and any travel expenses are the responsibility of the client and are not included in their program cost.

Medical Liaison Services - Our program employs a Medical Liaison Officer who will make sure clients have transportation to local doctors and/or dentists to address any current or pending health problems. The program cost covers a medical physical exam but all other medical and/or dental fees are the responsibility of the clients and are not covered by the cost of the program.


Our program is unique in that we do not refer to our clients are addicts, but as students. This is because they are becoming educated on how to handle life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Withdrawal - Nerve Assist MassageWithdrawal - This portion of the program is conducted by highly trained specialists who supervise new clients 24 hours a day and assist them with the many physical symptoms of their withdrawal process. Clients work through their detox process in a private, calm, therapeutic environment utilizing special withdrawal therapies, vitamin supplements, nutritious meals and of course lots of rest. These elements help the client achieve a successful drug free withdrawal.

Life Skills Courses - Our program utilizes a unique series of educational courses. Students are taught how to modify their behavior, to become aware of the causes that have brought problems into their lives and how to create solutions so that these problems no longer adversely affect them. The Life Skills Courses are always overseen by the course supervisors and each student's case supervisor makes sure their personal needs are met throughout.

Communications Course - Communication drills, better known as training routines (TRs), are employed to help our students to better confront themselves and those around them comfortably with positive communication skills. Working on communication skills is helpful for the student to address any past personal issues that they have been avoiding through their drug or alcohol abuse.

New Life Detoxification ProgramNew Life Detoxification Program - Our specially designed detoxification program works to remove the drug and alcohol residuals from the cells of the user's body. This process helps to eliminate the student's urges for drugs or alcohol on a physical level. The New Life Detoxification program takes several weeks to complete and when finished the student is better able to work on their personal issues that brought them into treatment initially.

Learning Improvement Course - This course is an invaluable tool during and after the student's program completion. We have found that many of our students have never really learned how to study effectively. Our Learning Improvement Course helps them to recognize and overcome the many issues they have struggled with when learning new information.

Communication & Perception Course - The initial part of the Communication and Perception course (Part A) is essentially an advanced gradient of the previous Communication Training Routines (TRs). The second part (Part B) uses specific and objective exercise/drills that help to rehabilitate the student's personal awareness and their ability to control themselves, others and their environment.

Ups and Downs in Life CourseUps and Downs in Life Course - The Ups and Downs in Life course educates the student on social and antisocial personalities. This knowledge helps the student to better differentiate between those who are constructive or destructive to their well being. Upon completion of this course the student is no longer associated with those in their lives who are detrimental to their sobriety. They are also able to handle suppressive people and situations when they arise once they leave the rehab program. Our course supervisors and counselors help to guide the student in making positive choices but it is ultimately up to the student to choose who they stop associating with because they are harmful influences on their personal recovery.

Personal Values and Integrity Course - This course helps our students to take responsibility for their past destructive actions while helping to unburden them from regret, guilt and the blame that comes with these memories. Once this course is completed the student feels a strong sense of personal ethics, higher morals and integrity. This makes their road to recovery that much lighter because they now feel better about themselves.

Changing Conditions in Life CourseChanging Conditions in Life Course - Students are educated on the many states of existence or conditions in life. This course helps the student learn how to raise their condition using specific formulas for each condition they find themselves in. They also learn how to repair past relationships that have been hurt by their destructive actions. They will be able to use these formulas once they leave the program to regain their standing in their home, work, with friends and in their community.

Way to Happiness Course - The Way to Happiness Course uses twenty-one common sense principles to illustrate how to live a moral and ethical life. An example is precept nineteen, The Golden Rule: "Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you."

Sunshine Summit Lodge Students

Battle Plan - A very important part on the road to graduation from the our program is the creation of the student's battle plan. A battle plan is a written detailed map the student creates that applies the information they have learned during the course of their program. Their battle plan is then reviewed by the course supervisor and their personal case supervisor to make sure the correct course of action is mapped out.

Aftercare Options - Graduates are given many different options once they have completed the program. They can choose to return home, enter a sober living home, volunteer or even enroll in our internship program which is the most popular and successful of the above choices. Please speak with your intake counselor for more details on aftercare options.

Internship Program - Our graduates are offered the chance to enroll in the our internship program. This is a structured program where the graduate pays a small fee to stay for up to 3 months. Room and board is provided as the intern is trained in the field of rehabilitation services. Enrolling in our internship re-establishes quality work ethics and can lead to a rewarding career in drug rehabilitation services or prepare them for a successful career once they return home.


Family Contacts and VisitsWe have included helpful guidelines and suggestions that are founded on successful actions we have seen work over the many years of our program. Our trained staff is skilled in detecting drug "restimulation" and how to settle down or "destimulate" students so that they can continue to work on their program. This is why the staff should be consulted on a regular basis during the program. We encourage you to apply these suggestions at your discretion and urge you contact our Director of Consultation or Family Consultant for any questions or concerns you may have at (760) 782-0471.

While the student is in the withdrawal phase of their program we do not allow them to make or receive phone calls. This is because they are just becoming adjusted to the program and are often experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Instead we ask that you speak with our center's Director of Consultation or Family Consultant for their progress reports during this time. Drug and alcohol withdrawal typically lasts anywhere from two to ten days and once completed the student will be able to make and receive personal phone calls. When this point in their program is reached please be sure that conversations are supportive and upbeat.

When withdrawal is complete you are likely to notice your loved one's tone and attitude are improved and they may wish to return home or have you come for a visit. We strongly suggest that you do not visit them until they have completed their New Life Detoxification sauna program, typically four to six weeks after their arrival. Also, we advise you not to encourage them to come home for a visit while they are in the program. This allows them to remain focused on their course work and complete the entire program without interruption. Returning home for a visit before graduation from the program may leave them vulnerable and unprepared for situations that they may arise when they are home.


Obstacles To OvercomeFor many, going through the drug addiction recovery process is one of the most difficult challenges they face during their life. This is why it is important to note that students may become irrational and/or irritated during the process. If this happens to your loved one please refer them to our center's Director of Consultation or Family Consultant and advise them of the difficulties your loved one may be having (760) 782-0471.

We have included some of the most common areas of our program where students encounter difficulties:

Withdrawal: During this phase of recovery the student is still addicted to drugs or alcohol. Their minds are focused on how they can get their hands on drugs. They may even fabricate reasons and voice complaints to trick or pull at the heartstrings of their loved ones so they are allowed to leave the rehab. These made up issues are not to be trusted.

The Communication Course: Initially, many students do not see any value in the communication training routines (TRs). However, after they continue to participate they begin to have an appreciation for them and understand their value.

New Life Detoxification Program (Sauna): This is the part of our program where drug residuals are flushed out of the student's body. Some experience severe mood swings but as their body flushes the remaining drug residuals out of their system they being to feel much better. Often students mention that they notice an improvement in their skin tone, sleep patterns and their overall wellbeing.

Communication and Perception Course: The repetitive nature of this course can seem monotonous because of the many hours students spend on these exercises before the end result is achieved. Completing these drills is challenging but the gains the student receives will last a lifetime.

It is hard facing life head on and learning to deal with suppressive people and situations. However, this course will lead to better self confidence and help prevent relapse.


Positive ResultsOur program's success can be seen by the hundreds of students who graduate and become productive members of their communities each year. They are among a select few in the field of addiction recovery who no longer refer to themselves as addicts and do not attend meetings to maintain their sobriety. Our graduates are empowered with the knowledge that they have acquired while in the Narconon Fresh Start program. Graduates of our program have learned so much more than just how to stay off drugs and alcohol. They now know how to communicate effectively, to be comfortable and confident in who they are, control themselves and their actions, value honesty, choose the right type of friends to maintain their sobriety and confront and overcome life's problems as they arise. Our graduates are not just rehabilitated from their drug and alcohol addictions, they now have the tools necessary to be successful in the other areas of their daily life.

To hear firsthand about our graduates and their family member's experience with the our program please feel free to contact any of the persons listed on our Family Reference List.


The Narconon (meaning "no drugs") program was created by William Benitez back in 1966. Mr. Benitez was inspired by humanitarian and author L. Ron Hubbard's book, The Fundamentals of Thought. When Mr. Benitez created the Narconon program he was an inmate in the Arizona prison system and used the program to rehabilitate himself and his fellow inmates. During the early development of the program the justice system found that Mr. Benitez's original prison sentence was incorrect and that he could be released with time served. However, Mr. Benitez did not choose that option and requested a reduced sentence and stayed an additional sixteen months so that he could continue to help his fellow inmates and further develop the Narconon program.

In 1971 when his sentence was completed, Mr. Benitez opened the first Narconon program outside of the prison system known as Narconon Los Angeles. This first Narconon program eventually grew to become one of the largest and most successful Narconon groups now known as Narconon Fresh Start. The Narconon Fresh Start program manages six Narconon centers in four states.

Mr. Benitez is a true inspiration in the field of addiction recovery. After recovering from drug addiction and creating the Narconon program he was later hired by the Arizona Department of Corrections and was a Hearing Officer on inmate complaints until he passed in 1999.


35025 Highway 79
Warner Springs, CA 92086

PHONE: 760-782-0471
TOLL FREE: 800-871-4350
FAX: 760-782-0695


Our Family Reference List gives you the opportunity to hear from others who have sent their loved one to the Narconon Fresh Start program and share with you their honest opinion about their experience first hand.

To request the Family Reference List, please fill out the form below.

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Drug Free Withdrawal:

Drug Free WithdrawalMany suffer with physical discomfort when they stop taking drugs like heroin and alcohol. For this reason we conduct a pre-medical evaluation for our clients and provide care 24-hours a day to help make the process of drug free withdrawal as pain free as possible. When clients come to us with severe cases of drug withdrawal we enroll them in a medically supervised detox program first to help ease their physical discomforts. When they are released from medical detox they return to our program to continue their drug free withdrawal. All of our clients are watched over by our detoxification specialists to ensure their withdrawal is as pain free as possible and that their emotional needs are fulfilled.

Our drug free withdrawal helps recovering people get off drugs without having to suffer the typical painful withdrawal symptoms that are usually associated with the process. While a person is using drugs or alcohol their bodies are robbed of necessary vitamins and minerals. Our drug free withdrawal process uses specific nutritional compounds to replenish these vital minerals and vitamins. A trained withdrawal specialist watches over our clients at all times during their withdrawal process. The process of drug and alcohol withdrawal lasts until both the clients physical and mental aliments are relieved.

The Communication Course:

Communication skills are addressed and improved through this course.

Step 2. The Communication CourseThe communication course drills are structured to teach the student how to confront any situation they may experience through the use of communication. Often, drug and alcohol abusers have a difficult time communicating with others and find it hard to speak up about topics they find uncomfortable.

Many addicts will withdraw from their loved ones when forced to confront sensitive issues.

Working through the Communication Course and its eight unique training routines will assist the recovering person in learning valuable techniques to resolve their problems with others effectively.

The New Life Detoxification Program:

When a person abuses drugs the drug metabolites often remain in their body for years after they have stopped using.

Part of our rehabilitation process is helping to remove these drug metabolites so they do not cause the client depression, cravings and other emotional and physical stressors.

Sauna Detoxification Program

When a person abuses drugs the drug metabolites often remain in their body for years after they have stopped using. Part of our rehabilitation process is helping to remove these drug metabolites so they do not cause the client depression, cravings and other emotional and physical stressors.

Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, crystal meth, crack cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol, prescription and nonprescription drugs (tranquilizers, narcotic painkillers, sleeping pills, etc.) stay in the user's fatty tissues long after they have stopped taking them. The more drugs the person abuses the more drug metabolites accumulate in their fatty tissues. When the user feels stressed these drug metabolites that have been stored in the body are released into their blood stream causing cravings and the potential for relapse.

A vital part of our drug rehab program is the process of removing these accumulated drug metabolites.

This is achieved through medically supervised exercise, intervals of sweating in our dry sauna and utilizing nutritional supplements to rid the student's body of its stored toxic metabolites. For many, the results are exceptional leaving them with greatly reduced drug cravings, better skin tone and healthier sleep patterns.

The Learning Improvement Course:

Learning Improvement CourseThis course focuses on learning and comprehending new information.

It helps the student work through past learning problems by having them "clear" words from the dictionary, create physical demonstrations of the concepts they are working on as well as notice and handle gradient difficulties they encounter. The second phase incorporates additional tools that will help the student meet their goals and build their self-control. Past traumatic events are dealt with and the student is taught how to handle life situations without turning to drugs or alcohol as an answer.

The Communications And Perceptions Course:

Developing one's communication skills and having the tools to confront and handle life's daily problems without turning to drugs or alcohol is what this course is all about.

Completing this course gives the student added self confidence and their ability to be comfortable with who they are. When a person uses drugs they are hiding from reality and looking to change the way they feel. Once the drugs or alcohol wear off they feel worse than before they used. Additionally, the memories of what they did while under the influence stays with them causing them to feel more shame.

Communication and Perception COurseThe Communications and Perceptions Course works by focusing their attention back on present time as well as their future, helping them to stop living in the past.

While they continue with this course their perception of life improves in addition to their ability to communicate with others. They learn to take responsibility and become more "causative" over their choices and environment as opposed to feeling negatively affected by their past.

Ups And Downs In Life Course:

Our Ups and Downs in Life Course presents the student with the chance to address the underlying issues that drove them to experiment and ultimately become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Ups and Downs in Life CourseThrough this course the student learns to identify social and anti-social characteristics in those around them as well as themselves. They learn how to recognize potentially negative situations and how to handle them if they happen.

This was a wonderful book. It really helped me take a good look at my life and at myself. It helped me to learn how to handle people and pick the right ones in my life. I feel so lucky and so much better now that I have had a chance to get everything that was built up in my life off of my chest, lifting so much weight off me. I now know how to choose people. It is so awesome to be able to really confront and take a look at my past life and see how I screwed it all up. To see the effects of everything and then be able to actually take responsibility for what I have done not only to myself but to my family and friends. I feel great. Thank you so much for all of your help!


Personal Values And Integrity Course:

For many people who abuse drugs and alcohol, addiction leads them to lose their sense of personal integrity and ethics.

This is a result of their drug addicted lifestyle which often includes lying, cheating and committing illegal acts. It is important that their personal values and integrity be restored so that their misdeeds from the past do not continue to haunt them as they build their new drug-free life.

Personal Values and Integrity CourseWhen a person uses drugs and alcohol they develop a "drug personality." The drugs and alcohol they take change their regular personality into one that secretly harbors hostilities and hatred that they do not want to show when sober. Because of the "drug personality" an entire section of the Personal Values and Integrity Course was created to address this issue. Working through this course provides the student with the chance to clear their conscience and take personal responsibility for their past behavior. They are taught how to live by a code of honor and the many benefits of living an ethical and honest lifestyle.

"I feel very confident in myself. I have drive and intention to work and get things done right the first time. I am very comfortable with my life and content with the way things are going. I will be ethical and moral and have integrity. I know I am a good person inside. Book 6 has helped me realize that things aren't that bad and that I can be happy for once. This book showed me things to do and not to do. I feel that I have learned so much. I completely understand and am applying what I have been studying. I will continue to improve more and more and will not go back to drugs or let people bring me down!"


Changing Conditions in Life Course:

Everyone experiences difficult choices at one point or another in their life.

Changing Conditions in Life CourseThe Changing Conditions in Life Course gives our students precise formulas to improve their standing with their family, their friends, social groups as well as themselves. Working through this course helps them to understand that any condition can be improved if the proper steps are taken to resolve it.

When a person uses drugs it changes the way they feel and provides an escape from reality. Once the effect of the drugs wears off the person is left feeling "worse for the wear" and may even create more problems while they are intoxicated. This course gives the student the right tools and information to fix the past conditions in their life brought on by their drug addiction and can be used to improve their future situations as well.

"I had many realizations in this book, I realized how selfish I had been throughout my addiction and how my exchange with my family as well as society was very one sided. I learned roadmaps (formulas) on how to get out of problem situations as well as how to be able to become successful in life or any endeavor in which I choose. Most importantly I realized that I needed to make up damage to myself, my family and society in order to propel my sobriety. I had been to too many rehabs before and like always I just 'took' what they offered me and selfishly walked out the door and wondered why I failed. Before this program I had always been a taker and after learning and applying this book I realized that in order for me to rise in life I need to give before I can receive. This book ties in all the prior books of this program and gave me a complete understanding of myself and for the first time in my life I feel confident about my future."


The Way To Happiness Book - A Common Sense Guide To Better Living

The Way To Happiness Course:

Life would be easier with an instruction manual and our Way to Happiness Course is as close as you can get to one.

This course provides common sense moral codes for our students to follow. Students learn to live up to their best potential while lead alcohol and drug-free lives.

"I feel as if now I am truly on my way to happiness. I have many times in my life gone down the wrong road. The beautiful thing about traveling down the wrong road is that I now know what the wrong road is. My decisions before were influenced by others. I can now once again think for myself and choose the right path to go down in my life. This is a huge win for me. A kind of bittersweet win, knowing that I am becoming stronger, but also knowing there are many out there in the world today that still need help. I wish everyone could feel as good as I do now, and I will continue feeling this way about myself." Thank you sincerely.


Final Program Review:

Final Program ReviewThe Final Program Review is made up of two significant steps.

1. The first step is a review of the entire program. This helps to ensure that all areas of the program have been thoroughly understood and that the student has gained the expected abilities from each part of the program.

2. The second step of their Final Program Review is to create a life plan. This vital step of our program helps the student lay out the ground work for how they are going to live their life once they graduate and leave the program. It includes applying what they have learned while in the program and setting personal goals to achieve once they return home. The student's life plan will be reviewed and agreed upon by their case supervisor to ensure it has the maximum potential for the student's personal success.

Completing these final steps of our program is what ensures our student's success.

Each phase of our program creates positive changes, but it is the culmination of putting all these pieces together that results in our student's complete recovery.

Follow Up Program:

Follow Up ProgramFollow up care is provided throughout the first year after our student's recovery program is completed.

Our comprehensive long-term follow up program includes regular communication with our graduates and their family. Staff monitors and handles the graduates stability and sobriety after graduation. The Follow Up Program is truly unique. This is because for the first six months after graduation if a client experiences difficulties with their sobriety or drug cravings we ask that they return to the program. They will complete an advanced treatment review free of charge to work on any missed issues that lead them to abuse drugs or experience cravings.


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